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Sculpture On The Edge 2019

By May 26, 2021No Comments

Overall Winner 2019

Thank you to our judges Jodie Cox, John Waldron, and Ineke Dane for their experienced assessment of the 2019 entires. A unanimous decision was made to award Yanni Van Zijl for her ephemeral work "Anew". Congratulations Yanni!

Anew - Yanni Van ZijlOverall Winner 2019
Yanni Van Zijl - Anew, Winner 2019

Artist Lineup for 2019

Daniel O’Hanlon

Elli Schlunke

Yanni van Zijl

Sophy Blake

Jan Dunlop

Mela Cooke

Matthew Mohr

Richard Eggleston

Betty Burkett

Paul Johnson

Fiona Bryant

Cameron Rushton

Valerie Willy

Phil Willy

Cathy Lawley

Denise Lamby

Carol Weir

Trevor Irvine

Pam Walpole

Pierre Otth

Laura Vecmane

Miles Allen

Jules McCrae

Wrenna K Hubbard

Peter Stellar

Mela Cooke

Lazlo Szerenyi

Jules & Luke McCrae

Paula Payne

Kaye Leach

Tina Cooper

Mark Wager

Judges for 2019

Jodie Cox, John Waldron and Ineke Dane

Official Award Winners 2019