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Sculpture On The Edge 2020

By June 10, 2021July 8th, 2021No Comments

Overall Winner 2020

“Thank you to our judges James Birell, Nina Shadforth, and Pam Maegdefrau for their experienced assessment of the 2020 entries. The overall winner of Sculpture On The Edge 2020 is Chris McKenzie.

Basalt Beauty is a series of evolving stone works by Maleny artist, Chris ‘Popeye’ McKenzie. He works Maleny Plateau Basalt, sourced locally. The core concept to this larval sculpture series is the ubiquitous innate beauty within all things, nature and ourselves. With perceptive awareness, rigorous skill and emotive passion, one can see beyond the banal, go deeper into the everyday and become polished, shining and glowing with mighty innate power.

Basalt is common on the east coast of Australia. We take it for granted, we overlook it; only using it to gravel our bitumen roads, bolster walls, block park access or bung a plaque on. With some polishing, we start to see how amazing this fabulous natural material is – much like ourselves, with a bit of polishing, can shine in all our glory, in all our strength in all our innate beauty.”

Chris McKenzieOverall Winner 2020

Artist Lineup for 2020

Henk Troost

Tina Cooper

Broadcroft Design

Chris McKenzie

Laura Vecmane

Peta Jervois

Miles Allen

Sophy Blake

Jill Braiden

Conny Van Lint

Kerry Mackenzie

Dale Hutson

Yanni Van Zijl

Rod Buckland

Beatrice Prost

Elli Schlunke

Corrie Wright

Russell Solomon

Geoff Saunders

Pam Walpole

Sam Boston

Ray Langford

Nadine Schmoll

Finn Cossar

Matthew Mohr

Barbara Reeves

John Anthony Forno

Richard Eggleston

Judges for 2020

James Birell, Nina Shadforth and Pam Maegdefrau

Official Award Winners 2020

All 2020 Entries