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Sculpture on the Edge 2023

Supporters Package

2023 Exhibition Winners

Photographs by Eyes Wide Open Images

From left to right:   Jennifer Roberts;   Rae Saheli;   Mieke van den Berg;   Teddy McRitchie;    Frederick Beel

Overall Award

Strangler Fig 2.0 – Jennifer Roberts

‘Strangler Fig 2.0’ is a captivating sculpture that melds salvaged objects, casts and natural elements. This artwork beautifully conveys our connect to time, progress and our environment, reminding us to balance past, present and future.

Overall Highly Commended Award

Passing Through – Rae Saheli

‘Passing Through’ is unique in that the artist’s process favours chance, randomness and curiously explores the intersection of aluminium and shot pellet, as the small protrusions warp the aluminium creating dynamic, beautiful textures and patterns.

Local Award

Earthbound Echoes – Mieke van den Berg

‘Earthbound Echoes’ is an outdoor art installation, uniting two frames with red string and reclaimed house rafters. It challenges perceptions of space and time,  creating an illusion of connectedness beneath the earth. The taut strings lend dynamism, inviting viewers to engage with the space and its narrative.

Reclaim and Recycle Award

The Collector – Frederick Beel

Water is one of our most precious resources. ‘The Collector’ is the artist’s effort to convey the importance of collecting and holding this life giving liquid and sharing it.

Emerging Artist Award

The Future – Teddy McRitchie

People divert to using bicycles instead of cars as they produce harmful emissions. But with this so-called environmentally sustainable means of transport , bicycles cause a lot of waste. From bike parts, to inner tubes, they all go to landfill for just one bike. So what is sustainable?

Artist’s Choice Award

Landscape Within – Jean Bennett

‘Landscape Within’ suggests an internal landscape. As human beings we are always in relation to the other, whether this is the environment that surrounds us or another human being. How we are in the environment impacts on how we are internally and vice versa.

People’s Choice Award

Halcyon Days – Mela Cooke

The act of swimming becomes a powerful analogy for life’s journey – where taking risks and embracing the unknown is paramount to personal growth.