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Past Events

Sculpture On The Edge 2018

By May 26, 2021No Comments

First Prize Winner 2018


Adornment For Trees - Laura VecmaneWinner 2018

Artist Lineup for 2018

Daniel O’Hanlon

Elli Schlunke

Yanni van Zijl

Sophy Blake

Jan Dunlop

Mela Cooke

Matthew Mohr

Richard Eggleston

Steven Thompson

Paul Johnson

Fiona Bryant

Cameron Rushton

Valerie Willy

Phil Willy

Heddy Shears

Margie Timings

Carol Weir

Trevor Irvine

Kirsten Cash

Susan Dickie

Laura Vecmane

Miles Allen

Gemma Garcia-Roman

Wayne Smith

Kevin Adamson

Rene Bahloo

Alexis Stewart

Jules McCrae

Cath Johnston

Judges for 2018

Jane Nicol, Dr Rhyl Hinwood AM, Ted Moran

Official Award Winners 2018

All 2018 Entries