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Past Events

Sculpture On The Edge 2017

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First Prize Winner 2017

“"The setting for Sculpture on the Edge made this event a significant drawcard for me, as an artist. The beautifully maintained and varied surrounds at Spicers Tamarind assist in showcasing any sculpture. From open parklands and gardens to a shaded and edgy rainforest walk, each vista invites exploration and sculptural surprises within each setting. SOTE as an event, and the exemplary organisation of it, have more than enough capacity to assist in making sculpture accessible to all."”

‘The Gate Post V2.0’ by Charles McGuireWinner 2017
Sculpture on the Edge Winner 2017 - ‘The Gate Post V2.0’ by Charles McGuire

Artist Lineup for 2017

Corrie Wight

Elli Schlunke

Yanni van Zijl

Sophy Blake

Noel Carroll

Mela Cooke

Tina Cooper

Richard Eggleston

Leisa Gunton

Kaye Leach

Rod Hammond

Cameron Rushton

Pam Walpole

Phil Willy

Jim Cox

Tamara Kirby

Tracey Lewis

Trevor Irvine

Belinda Stanton

Brian Sanstrom

Laura Vecmane

Glen Manning

Kathy Daly

Valerie Willy

Dorothy Haig

Winka von Fahland

Charles McGuire

Jules McCrae

Kerry MacKenzie

Barry Rosenberg.

Judges for 2017

Jude Turner, Martin Duncan, Kate French, Sculptor

Official Award Winners 2017

All 2017 Entries