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Karen Lynch

Basketry - Bangalow Palm Inflorescence



When the Boys Have Gone

I am the Mother of three sons, now in their 20s. When they were children, I am certain that I bought thousands of balls for them – footballs, basketballs, tennis balls, cricket balls, beach balls, ping pong balls, soccer balls….. I am equally certain that there are many, many balls that remain lost, abandoned, hidden, disintegrating, in our large garden. I often find them!

“When the Boys Have Gone” is a reflection on the play things and childhood left behind, fading away but still meaningful for this Mother.

This collection of eleven spheres have been created from Bangalow palm inflorescence, using random weave and under/over basketry techniques.

Sale Price: $250 (total installation), individually 2 Extra Large – $60 each, 2 Large – $40 each, 4 Medium – $30 each, 3 small – $10 each