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John Anthony Forno

Pine and Enamel



Small in Stature/ Big on Promise

The Empty Chair Technique is a practice within Gestalt Therapy that invites patients to both acknowledge, and listen to their, often wounded, inner-child. I first encountered this technique while attending therapy as a 31 year old male living in Coolangatta, Gold Coast. I froze. My body shut down emotionally, but physically it ran for the door terrified. Inside, I was screaming like a little boy. The kind of scream that happens when you scrape your knee for the first time. The kind of scream that your mother never forgets, even when you do.

I still freeze! When I get close to the Empty Chair I experience resentment of my past and anxiety for my future. This leaves me in a perpetual state of uncertainty, which for the past 10 years I have been channeling into my art practice. I am intrigued at the possibility of sculpture to transform the motifs and objects related to my childhood memories in ways that are both cathartic and archetypal. I enlist this latent energy to laboriously construct references to my past. The results are both physically rewarding and psychologically impactful. My growing body of work provides a tangible and real representation of my childhood, and slowly helps me unravel what my psyche cannot.

Sale Price: $2,000