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Tracey and Leisa were the deserved winners of last year’s Hinterland Artists Prize. As a new entrant Tracy was hesitant but found being part of the Sculpture On The Edge ultimately rewarding:

“I nervously entered the sculpture on the edge competition for the first time last year with my friend Artist Leesa Gunton, to be honest it wouldn’t have happened without her support and encouragement every step of the way . Saying this though it was fun, it was wonderful to work on a large scale and to a dead line … it made us complete our emerging ideas!

The staff at Spicers and organisers of the exhibition were both friendly and helpful when it came to installing our sculpture and it was great to chat to other like minded artist… all so encouraging. The diversity of sculptures displayed and the messages held within were delightful.

Lease and I as local artists were further encouraged to keep on with our artistic endeavours, to draw awareness to the history, beauty and vulnerability of our local natural environment , when we were awarded The Hinterland Artist prize , this was a surprise to us both !

I am grateful for all the encouragement and confidence that entering Sculpture on the edge has given me as an artists …. I’m actually going to enter by myself this year ! Thanks Spicers and Sculpture on the Edge.” – Tracey Lewis

‘Weaving through the Millennia’ by Leisa Gunton & Tracy Lewi‘Weaving through the Millennia’ by Leisa Gunton & Tracy Lewi

‘Weaving through the Millennia’ by Leisa Gunton & Tracy Lewis

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