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Winner of the 2017 Sculpture On The Edge, Charles McGuire’s work speaks to the ongoing issue of privacy:

“The Gate Post v2.0 is a surrealist interpretation, and partly a social commentary, regarding a real or perceived loss or invasion of privacy by various governmental and corporate bodies in the digital era.

Whether it’s about data collection to save us from terrorism or data collection to foist products upon us, one thing is clear, in the digital world privacy is becoming a scarce commodity.

The inspiration to make this piece came from many places; however, it was the old adage of ‘Between you, me and the gate post’ that ultimately became the main driving force.

The piece also serves as a cautionary tale, whereby an anticipation of secrecy of things, communicated in confidence, may not always be guaranteed.”

Charles also had nice things to say about the award:


“The setting for Sculpture on the Edge made this event a significant drawcard for me, as an artist. The beautifully maintained and varied surrounds at Spicers Tamarind assist in showcasing any sculpture. From open parklands and gardens to a shaded and edgy rainforest walk, each vista invites exploration and sculptural surprises within each setting.  SOTE as an event, and the exemplary organisation of it, have more than enough capacity to assist in making sculpture accessible to all.”

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