Tina Cooper

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Tina Cooper

Hand Blown Glass from Recycled Sola Panels





THE SEED -How it relates to my Sculpture

The seed pods relate to protection, nurturing of life itself with in its charred pods enduring the extremes of our environment, like the resent bush fire.

This relates to my two hand blown glass seed pods darkened as if it had survived a bush fire. (made from hand blown glass is 98% solar panels recycled)

My fascination with a seed I had found and unfortunately I had placed it on top of the soil in a pot, I had forgotten to plant this seed!

After month out in the elements and to my surprise I caught a glimpse in the corner of my eye , the seed had one shoot as reflected in my sculpture.

I was so amazed that it wanted to live so much ,that I decided to plant it in my garden.

The four glass seeds, one has a shoot coming from the seed that relates to my experience in this story. (made from hand blown glass is 98% solar panels recycled)

This little plant has shown me that its desire to live has created its own destiny and it relates to my willingness never to give up when life looks bleak.

My seed has found fertile ground and is now flourishing.


The amazing ability of the seed to grow into a plant is often taken for granted.

The seed protected with in its pod, waiting for the right moment and conditions in its struggle for life,

With Fire and water as the fundamental in nature’s cycle of growth and regeneration.

Fire has restorative power and rain allows new vegetation to grow in the charred landscape, germination the seeds stored on the rainforest floor.

Too much water and the seed will rot , too little water, the seed will stay dormant.

Fertility, drought and flood are all aspects of nature that resonate with human conditions, as well as the seed.

We feel sad seeing what didn’t grow, blaming ourselves for some circumstances that are out of our control.

But we grow wiser through our failures in life , sometimes it is too short to expect the perfect growth!

Rapid climate change impelling us to look closely at the way we relate to each other and to the environment, both now and into the future, this an is a reminder of our inheritance, our purpose and perhaps even our duty!.

Once a seed falls on fertile ground it now has a chance to grow! Just as we all have the chance to grow and flourish in our lives,
Will You?

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Ancient Earth Spirit -Storyteller of Dreamtime

#ANCIENT EARTH SPIRIT – how it relates to my Sculpture.

Story Teller of The Dreamtime Story – Rainbow Serpent.

My recent trip to Tasmania unfolded a powerful connection with the amazing orange lichen growing on the granite rock, seeing rock faces emerging from large bolder configurations.

The granite spoke to me as the waves crashed through the rock coves, creating the intense colour of this orange lichen and has been reflected in my hand blown glass Ancient Earth Spirit. (made from hand blown glass is 98% solar panels recycled)

He is the Story teller of the Dreamtime inspired by the rich Indigenous culture of the Mainland Australia and Tasmania.

The recycled hard wood post relates to the old authentic Indigenous hand carved Snake that once was a living tree , then it was created into this symbol to represent a Dreamtime Story , The Rainbow Serpent.

I have used hand painted fused glass waves winding through the totem, this relates to the making and creating of our rivers through the movement of the snake in the ground .

So from Heaven to Earth he will fill our rivers with water.

The Totem has the iron work created in a shape that represent the movement of Rainbow Serpent in creation of the Mountains & valleys .

The iron silhouette is enhanced by using recycled glass in the Led Light work, the glass is used to reflect the colours in the rainbow Serpent that only shines when the light reflects on the Dreamtime Story.

#Sculpture Story.



Traditional Custodians shared Dreamtime Stories of the Rainbow Serpent, giver and taker of life , great Father Mother and protector of Sacred Sites and Culture.

He awoke and came out beneath the Earth refreshed from the long slumber.

He travelled far and wide leaving winding tracks across the land and his movement of his body heaped up the mountains and dug troughs for the rivers, the great Spirit source of life.

Earth Spirit shared ,The Rainbow Serpent brought water down from the Heaven’s creating the fundamental route of our water in Nature’s cycle of growth and regeneration.

We thank the Rainbow Serpent the Dreamtime creator of our Blackall Range, The Kondalilla Falls & our beautiful Rivers and Creeks were life began here on the Blackall Range,

Let us continue to flow through the Journey of our Lives and give thanks to the story telling of Australian Dreamtime.

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