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Stephen Newton






This ensemble of 6 pieces is inspired by the often harsh environment of Australia. The installation appears as charred remains of the past, but the fire which has affected the surface of the wood also signifies change and transformation. The largest of the 6 pieces has the word Australia carved and charred into its surface. This can be read in a literal sense as the naming of a place, or invite a deeper questioning of the ever changing nature of country and ownership.

Sale Price: $6,300


Small Earth

This roughly spherical form is an emergent ball of textural energy; a swirling mass in space. Like the planet which inspired its making, this work changes very slowly, but it will never stop changing.

Sale Price: $2,200



We enter and leave the world alone. Like a tree, we grow into an idea of perfection but are constantly shaped by forces beyond our control.

Sale Price: $2,200