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Jason Sank

Felt, Mesh



Cat Men

The destructive history of the feral cat in Australia stretches back hand in paw hundreds of years to early colonisers and even beyond. Sometimes intentionally introduced sometimes not, feral cats still pose a major threat to native fauna in the Sunshine Coast. They are bigger than their domestic counterparts that many of us know and love and devouring smaller animals at the rate of one hundred and fifty per year, perhaps they will just keep getting bigger…

No-one quite knows where these cat men came from. Some modern day outback mutation? Heralds from a brighter and more accepting transhuman future?.. Or maybe an ancient terror that has always been lurking just out of sight?..

Both fearsome and alluring, I hope these fantastical creatures can reflect something of the strange relationship between humans, cats and nature.

Each is made with real domestic cat fur, many thanks to Aristocats Feline Day Spa in Kenmore for happily supplying me with it.

Sale Price: $2,000 each