Henk Troost

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Henk Troost

Steel wire, Galvanized, Bronze




Trio of Dancers

Henk Troost is a Belgian sculptor. After meeting his Australian soulmate, he made a sea change from Kortrijk in Belgium to Coolum Beach Australia in 2018.

Henk’s preferred mediums are clay, stone and metal and his passion is exploring and expressing emotions.

He has always been inspired by and aims to honour and celebrate the beauty of the female form. For this exhibition, Henk has explored the possibilities that can evolve from wire, stone and bronze. His intention is to create movement and expression.

Henk has exhibited and sold his art in Europe over the last 15 years. His earlier work is both abstract but mostly figurative and simplified human forms. Henk seeks contrast in color and shapes. Black and white, round and square, mostly looking to achieve tension and duality in the work.

Henk’s artwork invites the viewer to discover, to feel the intention and the emotion lying in the art.

Henk loves to reflect on what each piece of art evoke in him. He invites you to be curious about what they evokes in you.

Sale Price: $1,300 each (3 sculptures)



Bronze has always been a precious cast medium for art and creates a sense of rarity and exclusivity. It becomes more beautiful as it ages and is everlasting. Contemporary bronze artwork, ‘iPhone 6’ figurine is reclined relaxing with her iPhone. It is such a pleasure to see the transformation from clay into bronze.

I have always been inspired by and aim to honour and celebrate the beauty of the female form. My works all express an emotion, feeling or action: wandering, gazing, waiting, resting….

Sale Price: $1,650


'Koala and Baby' Bronze

Koala’s are a protected native Australian animal. They are a caring symbol of Australia and its unique fauna; a symbol of unconditional love. Their babies are called joeys and leave the pouch of their mother at 7 months, and then begin their journey travelling on their mother’s back.

A beautiful symbol to have in your home.

Sale Price: $1,650