Finn Cossar

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Finn Cossar

Stone & Rusted Steel




The three stone poles are similar to the human posture, and the chain linking them together in a triangular formation is symbolic of the strength of our past, present, and future. The chain links hold the tension-based sculpture together and are a visual representation of the connection to our generations. If the balance is thrown off, the sculpture would collapse. The knowledge that is gained from generational stories and past experiences is a vital part of how we move forward into the future. The gravity of this information is shown through the three stone heads, as they supply the needed weight to balance the sculpture.

Sale Price: $4,800

Fragility of Fibonacci

The fragility of Fibonacci brings to light the delicacy of life on this planet. The balancing sculpture is constructed including two Fibonacci sequences, which is the mathematical sequence to nature’s biological code – it encompasses nearly everything within the earth and the universe. The significance of the three stones represents time and the reality that there is a beginning, middle, and end to our existence. Ultimately, the two crucial aspects of this work balance on one pivotal point – expressing the Fragility of Fibonacci.

Sale Price: $6,200