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Carol Weir

Mixed Media - vines, grasses, fungi and other windblown forest materials



Gardeners Mates

Every garden needs a helping hand to enhance its natural beauty. Here at Spicers Tamarind on the basalt topped Maleny plateau, pockets of subtropical rainforest remain to be enjoyed. A landscape once covered in rainforest, reshaped in the late 19th Century by European loggers clearing the land for its valuable timber. My gardeners mate also shaped by the forest, woven using fallen and cleared vines, grasses and fungi to assemble this figure, with just a nod to the fantastical 2 D works of European artist Giuseppe Arcimbaldo. The opportunistic Willie Wagtail would make their nest in your hat if you let them, watching over the landscape and dogging at the gardeners heels much as they and their ancestors have done through the generations. Keeping an eye on the herb garden below the magnificant bunya tree, known by the indigenous Gubbi Gubbi groups for their bunya feasts, the Gardeners Mates look down over the rainforest trees, the figs, wattles and bleeding heart alongside the stag horn to name just a few.

Here sculpture on this site finds its true dimension with all its curves and corners of years of thought and care and thats all with the help of the gardeners and their mates. All to give a greater awareness of the treasures of the rainforest.

The Head of the figure is complete, as per photo. Body is partially constructed and assembled, all the materials for it now collected.

Have included a rough sketch of figure kneeling. The bird in the hat is sculpted out of clay, ready to for first firing. Siting for the figure if available would be just below the herb garden –

The  Gardener sourced responsibly whilst rehabilitating public creekside during the winter months – clearing choking vines and
weeds around lamandra and small native trees allowing for spring growth.

The Gardeners Mates @ $1,200
The porcelain Ceramic Sunflower stands on metal base complete with tiny bee @ $900

Caterpillar Playground

No searching to observe these caterpillars and pupa! These giant species planted with succulents, climbing and feeding off vines, figs and wattles. Grounded now before ‘Lift off’ onto their next change of lifestyle from chrysalis to transform into one of the thousands of butterflies and moths to be found in S.E. Queensland. Using threads of strong silk they can make brilliant structures from which they hang suspended – before the ultimate transformation into the butterfly. All to help pollunate and thereby shaping the landscape here at Spicers Tamarind and surrounding landscape. Grounded ourselves we now look with a greater awareness at our environment, bringing with it a resurgence of backyard gardening and a greater appreciation of small things and how each fits into the larger picture.

  • Ceramic hanging Common Crow Caterpillar.
  • Ceramic Chrysalis.
  • Woven Vine Chrysalis with succulents.
  • Ceramic Yellow caterpillar with succulents.
  • Mixed media green caterpillar with succulents.

Sale Price: 5 pieces @ $500 each