Jodi Casey

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Jodi Casey

Recycled & Repurposed Mixed Media



Star Anise - Spice of Life

In my work I like use recycled and repurposed material to explore the possibility creating the unexpected, the juxtaposition of hard & soft bring them together to create something beautiful. I use a combination of timber, metal and jewellery… scouring local op-shops, tip shops and scrap yards to find the perfect objects to create my pieces.

My preferred timber to use is Camphor Laurel as it is classified as significant environmental weed and threat to our Ecosystem.
To be able to create a piece that resonates with someone on any level is a true driver in my passion to create.

Sale Price: $2,500

Hiding In The Woods

This piece depicts a baby carpet python relaxing on a piece of driftwood, calm and serene in his tranquil environment.

He reminds us of the co-habitation of all of the amazing animals we share our beautiful Sunshine Coast with.

Made from driftwood, old bicycle chain, draw handle, nails & jewellery.

Sale Price: $200

Hidden In The Trees

Moths are often forgotten about with their bland colours compared to their insect cousins the Butterfly.. but these guys are so beautiful & symbolise rebirth, change, transformation, resurrection, and the power of regeneration.

I’ve used old draw handles, bike chain, candelabra, feathers & jewellery to create.

Sale Price: $400