Colleen Lavender

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Colleen Lavender

Recycled steel, 44 gallon drum



Colleen Lavender


Water, the life blood of the planet…..This piece celebrates water in all its forms, it can be soft and soothing or strong and devastating.

Once while exploring the Daly river I rounded a corner and came upon the most beautiful sparkling creek, the light was blinding, the water flowing and making its way over shallow rocks, green, blue, silver and white, an image, a feeling, burnt into my memory. One of my happy places.

Through the stresses of life Ive called on the memory of these happy places, looking up from under the surface towards the unknown above….

Sale Price: $1,800


Mr Percival

Nearly every waterway there can be found and old gnarled rusty 44 gallon drum, Mr Percival is a play on this.

Sale Price: $12,000