Claudia Hickel

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Claudia Hickel

Ceramic Sculpture



Within Stillness

This sculpture of a bird of paradise in a beautiful, reflective pose mirrors the sentiment of how moments of tranquility can rejuvenate us as well as providing relaxation and fulfillment.

The national parks and beautiful landscapes of the Sunshine Coast can serve as heart-opening wellness spaces that invite us to leave the busy world behind and immerse ourselves for a little while into the calming world of nature and tranquility.
Seeking out these quiet places , walking under the wide open sky, finding little places of wilderness, relaxing under a tree or at the side of a creek bed can help us to reconnect to that peaceful space we all have deep within us. With this in mind I have embedded in the ornamental patterns of this sculpture the following words: “deep within stillness lies beauty and strength”

It reminds us, that if we become still in nature our heart can open wide and enable us to see the beauty around us. A sense of strength and calmness can rise from within us after time spent in stillness.

Sale Price: $1200