Laura Vecmane

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Laura Vecmane

Improvised String And All Natural Fibres Installation



Air Between Us

An ancient Native American proverb says:
“Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

In the country of my origin, Latvia, a metaphor is often used to portray the poetic reality of life – the soul’s journey is coiled up like a song in a clew of yarn. The knots too are important. They are points of connection where two become one. They are crossroads offering a moment to stop, to rest before making a choice for the future path.

What connects me to the love of working with strings and threads is a generational heritage. My grandma taught me the appreciation for weaving, and mother Earth taught me that it existed in the world of spiders long before we humans developed it as a form of traditional arts.
Through this improvised installation work, I am seeking connection. Connecting myself with the land and the elements of the site. Connecting with the present moment. Connecting to the inspiration. Connecting to the plants of the forest. Connecting to the trees.
The air between us is not an empty space. In an invisible reality, the strands exist between each and one of us. Like moving trees, we, humans connect with our minds and hearts. I would love to invite the viewer to contemplate the importance of nurturing this connection.

Sale Price: For display only, commissions welcome approx $1,500