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Sculpture on the Edge 2014

Award Winners and Competition Entries

Sculptors from across South East Queensland working with clay, wood, metal, stone & found objects are again participating in the Sculpture on the Edge (SOTE) installation. Submissions have been received from 20 artists of which we hope to install up to 50 pieces.

Artist Lineup for 2014

Rosemary Anderson

Dianne Cannon

Kirsten Cash

Jim Cox

Colleen Finn

Judy Gardiner

Kaye Gilmour

Ian Haggerty

Cathy Lawley

Andrew McDonald

Danny Madigan

Wayne Markwort

Craig Medson

Lindsay Muir

Rodney Nash

Janna Pameijer

David Paulson

Alli Schlunke

Margie Timings

Carol Weir

Shireen Willing

Val Willy

Phil Willy

Gregory Windsor

Phillip Gordon

Kaya Sulc
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Sculpture on the Edge 2014

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Winner and Entrants for 2014