Denise Lamby

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Denise Lamby

Plastic Dental Waste - Aligners



Bracing for change

Title: ​​Larry the Lazard – Bracing for Change
Dimensions:​1200 x 40 x 15cm
Medium:​Plastic dental aligners, galvanised wire, punice

The southern angle-headed dragon is a tree hugging reptile. A master of camouflage and adapting to his environment, a true thermoconformer, and this little lizard is hanging on for a wild ride.

As the human adoption of plastic accelerates at lightening pace, we place pressure on Larry the Lizards’ environment. Made from plastic dental trays, Larry is a nod to the ever growing plastic footprint man is placing on the Earth.

Clinging like the exoskeleton of a cicada, Larry serves as….
Warning – there is still time
Reminder – reduce, reuse, recycle
Hope – look closely you will spot the nest and clutch of eggs Larry’s mate has left behind.

Sale Price: $1,400