Trebor (aka Rob Stephenson)

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Trebor (aka Rob Stephenson)

Brushed Aluminium and Cut Sign Vinyl



Give A Little

GIVE A LITTLE by Trebor (aka Rob Stephenson)

When two different worlds come together, be they people, cultures, environments or ecosystems, if they each agree to bend and twist ever so slightly, that little bit of ‘give’ will allow them both to exist as one harmonious, endless flow of ‘being’.

Expressed here as a Mobius Strip, a sculptural form that has only one surface and only one edge, that loop around on themselves infinitely. The iconic heart shape is beautifully balanced, representing gratitude, togetherness, life and love.

The work also pays tribute to the original people of Maleny and the surrounding area, the Nalbo and the Dallambara mobs. The two aboriginal tribes of the Gubbi Gubbi language group, who would join together in peace and harmony for bunya feasts, which happened every third year when the giant bunya tree was in fruit.

Sale Price: $10,000