Randy DeGraw

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Randy DeGraw

Mixed, timber root section, coated with an innovated new product called liquid metal. This final coating will make it sustainable for outdoor use.



Metamorphic Elements

Everything around us is an element, and as time goes by all elements change.
This sculpture has encountered many transformations.
From a sampling of a tree to a salvaged resource.
A millennia ago all of the inlayed stones were just molten liquids.
All of these elements are now together to represent my interpretation of metamorphic change.

I have been working as an artist for more than 40 years. Creating works for private clients across Australia and overseas, mainly with timber and gemstones.

30 years ago I set up a private studio local to the Sunshine Coast to help me focus on my lifelong passion for making furniture and sculptures. Mixing mediums to create unique pieces is not just what I do, but represents who I am.

This piece I am displaying at SOTE will be one of my few pieces that will be suitable for outdoor display.

Sale Price: $15,500

Description of Work in Progress

A freeform sculpture crafted from a local Red Cedar root system I salvaged from a Maleny paddock many years ago. It’s a local piece of history capturing the region’s timber-cutting years.

The exterior will be coated in a new weather proof product called liquid metal smoked chrome.  I am in the middle of the process at present.